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Pub Insurance – Why Bother……

Pub Insurance – Why Bother……

The value of having your pub insurance with expert pub insurers.

Pub Insurance – Why Bother……

The Merrion Inn - Fire 2012

“Insurance is just another overhead”

“Nothing will ever happen to my premises”

“I hate paying for something I can’t see and won’t use”


These are three phrases we commonly hear in the 30 years we have been placing pub insurance and to be fair to publicans they are true – As long as you are lucky enough not to have an incident at your premises that gives rise to a claim. In recent recessionary times when cash flow has been tight and the priority is keeping the doors open paying for pub insurance seems like even more of an unwanted expense. In tough times there can be a real temptation to take shortcuts, try and save money where possible and opt for an insurer who mightn’t be well known but is offering a cheap premium.


In those circumstances we would always ask publicans to consider why they have insurance in the first place. Generally, its not for the small incidents that might be settled for a few thousand Euro. The value in having insurance with a well known and financially secure insurer is only properly appreciated when you have a total loss event like a fire.




Eamonn McCormack (Owner of The Merrion Inn) had his premises insured with Allianz through Alan Tierney & Partners exclusive pub insurance scheme and never had to worry about what might have been had he opted to cut corners.


“It’s only when you have a really serious incident that you truly appreciate the value in being insured with a quality insurer and having a specialist broker who’ll be there to look after you every step of the way.


After a fire completely destroyed our premises in 2012 we were back in business a little over a year later. Without the financial security of our underwriter Allianz and the expert advice of our insurance broker Alan Tierney & Partners in initially placing us with Allianz and then managing our claim that simply wouldn’t have been possible” – Eamonn McCormack




The Merrion Inn reopened in November 2013 and continues to go from strength to strength as one of Dublins best known and best loved pubs.


For a quote under our exclusive Allianz scheme contact Niall ([email protected]) or Daragh ([email protected]) today.