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Nightclub Insurance & Late Night Venue Insurance

Alan Tierney & Partners Ltd have a long standing and proven track record in developing innovative, tailored nightclub insurance cover to the nightclub industry. We insure a number of the country’s most high profile and successful late night venues. We take a hands on approach in securing a competitive insurance policy that is suited to the individual policyholder. We also ensure a transparent relationship between the insurer and our clients which is particularly valuable in preventing claims occurring and dealing with claims if they do occur.

Our significant experience in this area allows us to assist establishments which may have experienced claims in the past by reducing those claims in the future. In doing so we help our clients reduce their costs and ultimately ensure they can secure continuity of insurance cover into the future.

If you have a late night venue and would like to discuss nightclub insurance or are interested in claims prevention and management please call Alan, Daragh or Niall to discuss further.


If you would like a quotation, have any questions or comments or want to speak to one of our specialist advisers please get in touch.