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Retirement Planning

Do I need a pension? Should it be an ARF, AMRF, PRSA, PRB, Company Pension or Personal Pension?

Pensions can be confusing.

Here at Alan Tierney & Partners Ltd we truly believe they don’t have to be and they shouldn’t be. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with retirement planning and pension advice that’s easy to understand and transparent.

Increased life expectancy coupled with a state pension qualifying age that continues to be pushed out means that it is absolutely vital each of us make private provisions for our retirement. No matter what your stage of life or your financial situation we can provide expert advice on ensuring you can live comfortably in retirement.

The longer you delay in starting a pension, the more that you will have to be fund each month to ensure an adequate income in retirement. A pension is one of the most tax efficient ways to save money and our experienced professionals currently provide specialist pensions advice for a variety of individuals and institutions.

Please contact John or Alan if you want advice on any type of pension or pension issue including:

  • Executive/Employee Pensions.
  • Personal Pensions.
  • Approved Retirement Funds & Approved Minimum Retirement Funds.
  • Annuities.
  • Personal Retirement Savings Account & Personal Retirement Bonds.
  • Small Self Administered Pensions.
  • Your options at retirement.
  • Transferring company wealth into your personal name.
If you would like a quotation, have any questions or comments or want to speak to one of our specialist advisers please get in touch.