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Gym Insurance

Gym Insurance

This is a blog post our business recently did about gym insurance for our friends at The full article is here

Gym Insurance

There are many types of incident which can give rise to an insurance claim. Some of the most common are: Fire, Burglary or an accident/injury occurring on your premises. Experience shows that the most common type of claims in gyms are due to an accident or injury to a member.

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure the safety of your members:

1. Make sure new members are given an induction or tour of the gym and ensure that they know how to use the equipment properly. This induction should be documented and signed off by both parties.

2. Make sure all equipments and weights are well maintained and serviced and that records are kept in relation to this.

3. Having CCTV is a plus. If an incident occurs there is a record of what happened. With advancements in cloud technology, it is important that all CCTV footage is retained for a period of at least 30 days. Any relevant footage should be retained on disc or memory stick.

4. Make sure any self-employed PTs in your gym hold the proper qualifications and carry their own insurance cover.

5. Put a proper cleaning regime in place, in the gym area as well as changing rooms, showers etc. Keep a proper record at cleaning all times.