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Why use a Certified Financial Planner

Hiring a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)?   What you think you’re paying for. Someone who will put in place a pension, life insurance, investment or savings policy for you.   What you’re actually paying for. Someone who will help you establish your goals, analyse your existing financial situation and develop a comprehensive financial plan which … Continued

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Pub Insurance – Why Bother……

“Insurance is just another overhead” “Nothing will ever happen to my premises” “I hate paying for something I can’t see and won’t use”   These are three phrases we commonly hear in the 30 years we have been placing pub insurance and to be fair to publicans they are true – As long as you … Continued

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Gym Insurance

There are many types of incident which can give rise to an insurance claim. Some of the most common are: Fire, Burglary or an accident/injury occurring on your premises. Experience shows that the most common type of claims in gyms are due to an accident or injury to a member. There are a number of … Continued

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